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  • NEW

    NGSS in Action - How Does Light Scatter?

    by Aimee Park

    This video features teacher Aimee Park and her students at Lisle Junior High School demonstrating the Next Generation Science Standards by exploring how light scatters.


    Restorative Practices that Support Students, Teachers and Academic Endeavors

    by Judy Brunner

    This webinar will provide attendees with a brief overview of restorative practices for schools as well as specific examples of how to enhance school climate while creating respect, cooperation and responsibility both in and out of the classroom.

  • LIVE

    SLOs: Improving The Quality of Growth Targets

    by Anne Weerda

    Tuesday, Nov. 29 - 10:00am - 11:00am

    The most important element of the SLO is the prediction statement: How much growth do you expect the students to make during this instructional interval? Participants will learn quick checks and rules of thumbs to make sure they are putting their best growth foot forward. We will examine best practice in growth target design, keys to measuring student learning with appropriate assessment sources, and how to consider relevant historical data.


    Classroom Voices Season 2 - Science: Understanding Soil Composition

    by IPA and ISBE

    See how two co-teachers at Harlem High School have incorporated the Next Generation Science Standards into their curriculum to engage students.


    Judy Brunner, Educational Consultant

    Judy Brunner is an author, consultant and co-founder of Edu-Safe and Instructional Solutions Group. She has been in public and private education as a reading and special education teacher, elementary, middle, and high school principal. She currently serves as Clinical Faculty at Missouri State University.