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Gretchen Courtney

About Gretchen Courtney

Gretchen Courtney, a catalyst in the field of literacy instruction, has taught in rural, suburban and urban school districts as well as being an experienced Title 1 reading specialist. She has received a Master’s degree in reading and is pursuing her doctorate in curriculum and instruction. Her lifelong passion for exceptional literacy instruction resulted in establishing her own literacy engineering firm. For more than twenty-five years, Gretchen Courtney and Associates, Ltd., has led presentations, workshops, and staff development projects resulting in improved student achievement. Gretchen Courtney is the author of a groundbreaking six-part series for reading comprehension instruction entitled, Comprehension Keystones. Prior to these publications, Gretchen authored four additional books encompassing a wide range of literacy interests from nonfiction literacy to a literature instruction for all levels.

  • Courtney, G., Jossart, S. (1999). Story Dramas For Grades K-3: A New Literature Experience for Young Children. Culver City, CA: Good Year Books.
  • Courtney, G., Jossart, S. (2002). Nonfiction Literacy: Ideas and Activities. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Pub Co.
  • Courtney, G., Jossart, S. (2007). Story Dramas For Grades 4-6: A New Literature Experience For Children.  Culver City, CA: Good Year Books.

Comprehensive assortment of literacy topics including: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Acquisition, Response to Intervention, Assessment Driven Instruction, Quality Writing Instruction, ACT prep.


"With Gretchen’s leadership, our staff now has the internal capacity and expertise to truly understand and improve how our students learn to read and comprehend. Our work with Gretchen has turned our “good” school district into a “great” school district!"
Dr. Tom Muligan, Superintendent
Riverton Community School District

"The professional development provided to my elementary teaching staff by Gretchen Courtney and Associates literally transformed the teaching of reading in my school. Reading achievement soared and our school consistently made AYP. Thanks to Gretchen Courtney and Associates my teachers became true teachers of reading and my students were encouraged to move from being passive participants to being actively involved in their own learning."
Judith Lafferty
Retired Principal/Principal Mentor