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Jeff Gray

About Jeff Gray

Jeff Gray is the Principal at Lighthouse Primary School in the Republic of Mauritius and author of several books which were written with a focus towards improving student-teacher relationships. Jeff has been recognized for his work in developing educational curriculum for teachers and his books are favorites in many classrooms across the USA. He believes strongly that the teacher-student relationship is the KEY to academic success.

  • If She Only Knew Me
  • 601 Maple Street
  • She Loves Me
  • He Loves Me
  • Don't Forget Francis
  • What If
ELN Content

If She Only Knew Me


"This child's story is the story of many "at risk" children. I think this book could reach several audiences, like college students interested in becoming teachers or social workers; entry-level educators; and youth ministers. I think this book would be a great discussion starter for elementary and middle school students.... if we only knew about them, too. Every child has a story."
Eva Glahn Atkinson, Director
Counseling Center, Brescia University


"I believe that If She Only Knew Me should be required reading for every teacher and for everyone who wants to be a teacher. Too often we overlook the unique talents and gifts of our students because of our own preconceived ideas. As educators, we are not only teaching children to read, write, and calculate, we are nurturing souls-and that is a responsibility we must not take lightly."
Vicki Writsel, Dir. Special Programs
Bowling Green Independent Schools