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Mark and Karen Wagnon

About Mark and Karen Wagnon

With Certification in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior with Dr. Robert A. Rohm and Personality Insights, Mark and Karen Wagnon have developed materials and workshops for leaders, educators and parents to assist in reducing stress, increasing productivity and meeting RtI and PBS objectives. Since 1992, Karen has spoken to thousands of parents and educators sharing information and strategies on working with children and each other. Karen's passion and drive is to empower and equip educators and parents with the tools to improve communication, increase productivity, reduce stress and conflict with staff and students. Mark Wagnon brings experience and know-how top personal, executive and corporate coaching. His background includes ownership, senior level management, program marketing, sales training, product development and team building. He has successfully owned and managed customer-based retail businesses for 22 years. Mark and Karen are a husband and wife team. Their personality dynamics bring humor, insight, and practical application to each session.

  • Teaching Our Youth – Five Criteria for Effective Learning/Teaching
  • Predictable Patterns to Increase Productivity - Solving the People Puzzle/li>
  • Connecting with Challenging Students
  • Calming the Chaos
  • Roots of Under Achievement - Causes and Lasting Solutions
  • Strategies for a More Productive Classroom
  • Team@Work
  • Class@Work
  • Environment@Work
  • Leading Change: Resistance to Assistance
  • Teaching the Styles - Differentiated Instruction
  • Love and Logic in the Classroom - Classroom Behavior Management
  • Roots of Under Achievement - Causes and Lasting Solutions
  • Strategies to Increase Productivity at Home
  • Parenting the Styles
  • Parenting with Love and Logic
  • Roots of Under Achievement

"The best Professional Development I’ve attended in 19 years."
Douglas, Educator

"Excellent Presentation! You two complement each other well. Info is practical, applicable and powerful. Great ideas to keep us focused and involved!"
Tracey, Principal

"I was engaged the entire time and I loved it!"
Brad, Principal

"Excellent in-service! Need more like it."
Sheryl, Educator

"Blending of theory and “authentic experiences” was effective."
Linda, Principal

"Excellent! One of the best in-services I have ever attended."
Deborah, Principal