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Lynette Chandler

About Lynette Chandler

Lynette Chandler is a Professor and Program Coordinator for Special Education in the Department of Special and Early Education at Northern Illinois University. She teaches courses in early childhood special education. She has collaborated on research and systems change projects with several preschool programs in the northern Illinois area. Lynette has received and coordinated an Early Reading First grant and served as a reviewer for Early Reading First and the Race to the Top, Early Learning Challenge federal grant applications. She is a member and Past-President of the International Division for Early Childhood and the Illinois Division for Early Childhood and she has numerous publications and presentations on a variety of areas including functional assessment and positive behavior support, social skills, transition, early language and literacy, developmentally appropriate practice, intentional planning and teaching, inclusion, scaffolding, leadership and systems change, and Response to Intervention. She also is active at the state level where she serves on many committees and task forces that are related to early childhood and early childhood special education.

  • Chandler, L.K., & Dahlquist, C.M. (2010). Functional assessment: Strategies to prevent and remediate challenging behavior in school settings (3rd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill/Pearson Publishing.

Articles (Most Recent)
  • Chandler, L.K., Cochran, D., Christensen, K., Dinnebeil, L., Gallagher, P., Lifter, K., Stayton, V., & Spino, M. (in press). The alignment of CEC/DEC and NAEYC personnel preparation standards. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education.
  • Chandler, L.K., Miller Young, R., & Cirincione Ulezi, N. (2011). Early childhood special education: Service delivery methods and practices. Invited chapter to be published in C.J. Groark (Series Ed.) & S, Maude (Vol. Ed.), Early childhood intervention: Shaping the future for children with special needs and their families, Vol. 2. (pp 39 – 76). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, Praeger.
  • Lifter, K., Chandler, L.K., Cochran, D.C., Dinnebeil, L.A., Gallagher, P.A., Christensen, K.A., & Stayton, V.D. (2011). Division for Early Childhood Personnel Preparation Standards: Revision 2005 – 2008. Journal of Early Intervention, 33(2), 151-167.
Keynote Addresses
  • Response to Intervention
  • Early Language and Literacy for Young Children
  • Inclusion and Scaffolding in Early Childhood
  • Functional Assessment and Positive Strategies to Address Challenging Behavior
  • Response to Intervention
  • Early Language and Literacy for Young Children
  • Inclusion and Scaffolding in Early Childhood